Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Internet Domain Name?

An Internet domain name is like your own unique Internet address. Many people with e-mail accounts have their mail sent to their online provider's domain, (i.e., and their websites are listed as a sub-directory of their online provider's domain (i.e.

With EWAWS, you can establish your own Internet identity. All of your online communications can be centralized under your own easy-to-remember Internet domain name; and

What Are Some Examples of Domain Names and How do I Choose?

Domain names go from A to Z, from conservative to ultra-creative. Who doesn't recognize or If you're in business, you'll probably want to try to get your company name or a variation of it. If your family name is Smith and it's taken, try alternatives like You can even choose a nickname or the name of a pet. The key is to try to pick a name you can identify with and you like and will be easy for others to remember and spell.

Why Do I Need My Own Domain Name?

Avoid the disappointment of having someone else on the web, maybe even a competitor, snap up your company name or your personal choice of names!  Register the domain name of your choice today with EWAWS. If you're not ready to use the name yet, that's okay, we'll reserve it for your future use, and no one else can touch it.

If You're In Business...
In the business world, having your own domain name is a mark of prestige and it's great advertising for you. Plus having your own domain name shows that you're company is Internet friendly. Do people care? You'd be surprised how many people prefer to deal with companies who make the effort to remain current. Creating an identity on the Net is all part of that.

Personal Use...
Your own domain name is the equivalent of a personalized license plate from the DMV. It lets people know who you are. Use your family name, a nickname or any name you like. Or maybe you belong to a group that wants to be identifiable to its members. Once you register that name with EWAWS, that name is yours.

Future Value...
Domain names can be worth money, so reserve the names you think will command big bucks. It's like the online equivalent of 1-800 numbers. There's only so many to go around, and once they're gone, they're most likely gone for forever.

Are There Restrictions On My Choice of Domain Names?

Usually you cannot use someone else's trademark. See our Check Name page for more details.

What if I Want to Change Internet Service Providers?

Go ahead! You can change online providers as often as you like and still maintain the same domain name. You'll never be out of touch with the people you need to hear from.

What is E-mail Forwarding?

With this convenient option, you can receive business and personal e-mail all at the same account, without the expense of setting up additional accounts through an online provider. Plus, having an e-mail address with your company name adds prestige to your business. Your customers always know who you are.

I Already Have My Own Domain Name, How Do I Transfer It To EWAWS?

Contact EWAWS and we'll do the rest.

How Do I Register With EWAWS?

Just go to our Registration page and fill out the form.

If your question wasn't answered here, feel free to contact us.


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